KWM is a boutique sports agency currently representing talent both globally and within the UK.


The company was born out of the coming together of ex-professionals and real estate investment specialists – believing that this particular combination could amalgamate to provide the best possible advice for future pro’s: both on and off the pitch – providing them with a secured long term strategy that extends beyond the typical life-cycle of a pro.

As a boutique agency we afford our clients extra attention. By having a more compact roster we are able to ensure we are constantly enquiring about the best possible opportunities for our clients with their current clubs, potential clubs, commercially and of course personally.




Head of Talent

Charlie is a former professional footballer who represented Crystal Palace, Swansea and Watford. Post his career, Charlie decided to stay in the game and set up a boutique football agency as he felt there was a gap in the market for a young energetic company.

Charlie is identifying potential new clients for KWM and plays a key role in developing our strategy. His expertise, knowledge and growing reputation in the UK and abroad are vital to the continued success of the company.


FA Registered Intermediary

Charles grew up immersed in the football world. With his family serving on the board of Watford for 9 years – he grew a deep understanding of the transactional and operational side of the game.

After a career in the Real Estate Investment sector – he felt it time to return to his passions and helps lead the business on its club relations and player investment strategies.


Talent Manager

Ex-professional footballer Jack had a playing career for a host of clubs including; Watford, Leicester City, Brentford, Northern Ireland and also spent 3 years in Canada playing and coaching.

Jack now has an integral role at KWM Management identifying and recruiting top-level footballers to help guide there careers to gain the best possible success.